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Ajusting 3-way audio system+sub with SPL-LAB USB RTA Meter (Pro Edition)

Finally I've decided to adjust the audio system of my car.


The Smart Monitor car multimeter from Spl-Lab

The name is this device is Spl-Lab Smart Monitor. It is a multifunctional car multimeter.In this article about the Smart Monitor we will try to help the reader to understand how this device works and where can it be used.


Review of the amplifier Stetsom 2k5E

So, again we are keeping in our hands an interesting sample of foreign digital car amplifier. This time the guest is from Brazil, where the company Stetsom has successfully developed and produced car-audio components since 1989. But what could catch the interest of our Laboratory in this sample, among the great number of analogues?


Comparing AUDIOMATICA CLIO and USB-microphone RTA Meter (Pro Edition)

Our colleagues from testing laboratory Car&Music of the “Tuning Avtomobiley” magazine have tested measuring complex Spl-Lab RTA Meter Pro Edition (USB microphone) for compliance with specifications stated, using the reference hardware-software complex AUDIOMATICA CLIO.


Comparing USB Bass Meter and TERMLAB

Recently appeared the articles about inaccurate and instable measurements preformed by the USB BASS METER system. There is no point in useless arguing. That's why instead of flooding the forums with squabble we got to work in our Lab.


The review of the DigitalDesigns M3 amplifier

In our testing laboratory we got familiarized with the American amplifier from the record breaker category of the year 2007 in the dBDrag class, the top representative of the M Series — DigitalDesigns M3. Frankly speaking we had put high hopes on this amplifier after reading the cheerful reviews at the overseas websites. So heavily equipped we took on the task.