Discontinued products

Smart Monitor

Smart Monitor - there was no such thing before! Seven devices in one. No parallel in the world! It combines Voltmeter / Amperemeter / Power meter for direct and alternating current and voltage circuit that works according to the True RMS algorithm, acoustic system impedance meter, Automatic fuse (circuit breaker) and Clip detector (clipping, signal clip, full harmonic distortions) for qualitative adjustment of the sound component channels.

Wireless Bass Meter

The Wireless Bass Meter is light, compact and wireless. Battery life up to 3 hours. Signal transmission distance up to 100 m. Compatible with Windows and Android. It is meant for those who prefer comfort and mobility while working.

LCD Bass Meter

The LCD Bass Meter is secure and self-sufficient. It is completely autonomous device. All data is presented at once on the bright display of the device. It can be used together with PC. It is meant for those who those who appreciate self-sufficiency and ease.

USB Bass Meter (Pro Edition)

The USB Bass Meter PRO is professional and comfortable. Dual-channel BASS Meter. Precision tool. The best choice for contest organizers and participants.