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Spl-Lab products

Spl-Lab Company produces measuring equipment for AFC analysis, sound pressure measurement and measuring electric circuit characteristics. Each of our products is unique in its own way, and some of them have no parallel in the world. The catalogue includes noise meters, USB microphones, AFC meters, sound pressure meters, electric circuit analysers and related software. Thus we have all the necessary devices for creating and tuning acoustic system in a car, home theatre or a concert hall.

All Spl-Lab equipment and software without distinction is designed both for amateurs and for professionals, at the same time it is easy to use and set.

Spl measuring devices

The noise meters of the Bass Meter series are designed for measuring sound pressure of frequency from 10 to 120 Hz, amplitude from 100 to 183 dB and high accuracy up to 0.1 dB. The Supply Package for all devices includes free software which does not require setting and calibration. All you have to do is to connect the equipment and press the Start button.

Mini Bass Meter

Основной Блок (мониторинг rms и клиппинг)

This device is, probably, the most compact SPL meter of those available on the market today. The uniqueness of this device is in its capability of simultaneously measuring sound pressure and voltage. At the same time, it is possible to capture voltage at the moment of reaching the highest SPL value.

LCD Bass Meter(Second Edition)

LCD BASS Meter: (handheld spectrum analyzer) the main unit and remote sensor on the suckers.

The LCD Bass Meter is secure and self-sufficient. It is completely autonomous device. All data is presented at once on the bright display of the device. It can be used together with PC. Can me used with Next-Lab SPL, Mic and Power Sensor.

Wireless Bass Meter(Second Edition)

WIRELESS BASS METER (шумомер) выполнен в виде моноблока

Up to 190dB! For iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. USB and Wireless connection. The NEW and the BEST SPL meter we have ever made!

USB Bass Meter

The USB Bass Meter is classical, but reformed. Simple Bass Meter can be connected to PC via USB. It offers full functionality for a moderate price.

Micorphone and Noise Meters

Here you can find microphones for measuring sound signal frequency from 10 to 20 000 Hz with inbuilt ADC unit. You won't need a sound card and amplifier. No more calibration - you receive accurate data onscreen right away! Free software, which is included in Supply Package, has functionality of powerful spectrum analyser.

USB RTA Meter (Pro Edition)

USB RTA METER Pro Edition (rta analyzer)- a microphone to measure the frequency response.

The USB RTA Meter PRO is sensitive and accurate. The USB microphone for measuring AFC and harmonic distortion of an audio signal. It will catch even a buzz of a fly.

USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition)

The USB Noise Meter is unique and multifunctional. The USB microphone with the noise meter function. Maximum measured pressure up to 150 dB. Two devices in one.

Next-Lab products

Based on the summarized many years' experience the Spl-Lab company created a new line of products under the NEXT-LAB label. The main distinctive features of the NEXT-LAB are versatility, compatibility and cascadability. The product line has different digitizing units both for autonomous work and for work with PC or tablet PC. There are different types of sensors for measuring various characteristics: SPL Sensor for measuring sound pressure, microphone for measuring AFC and Power sensor for measuring current and voltage.


LCD Bass Meter отображает звуковое давление (громкость звука). Состоит из основного блока и выносного сенсора на присосках

The Next-LCD is a completely autonomous, all-purpose measuring device. All measured characteristics are displayed as digits and graphs on-screen.


The Next-USB device is intended for transmitting data received from Next-LAB sensors to a PC, tablet PC, or smartphone. The main advantage of Next-USB is that it has four independent Lab-Bus ports for connecting pressure sensors, microphones or power sensors.

Next-Lab Sensors

Next-Lab SPL Sensor

Моноблока измерителя USB Bass meter

The Next-Lab SPL Sensor has broadened amplitude range and a noise reduction system, which allows performing measurements with accuracy up to 0.1 dB.

Next-Lab RTA Microphone

USB RTA METER Pro Edition – usb микрофон для измерения АЧХ

The microphone is intended for measuring the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC) and the harmonic distortion coefficient of acoustic systems in the entire audible frequency range with high accuracy.

Next-Lab Power Sensor

The Next-Lab Power Sensor can carry out measurements and evaluate quality not only of the car electrical system but also of home and industrial electric networks with power up to 360 kW with voltages up to 300 V and current up to 1200 ampere.

Multifunctional devices and accessoires

Spl-Lab can offer not only the devices for measuring the parameters of a sound, but also equipment that allows accurately measuring the voltammetric characteristics of direct and alternating current circuits. The equipment can be used for taking measurements and evaluating quality of not only а car electrical system, but also of home and industrial electric networks. The devices have protection feature that helps to secure equipment of a car from breakage.

Smart Voltmeter

Основной Блок (мониторинг rms и клиппинг)

Spl-Lab Smart Voltmeter - is multifunctional digital car voltmeter. Although most of car electronics manufacturers state that their products have inbuilt protection from supply voltage sags or swells, in actual practice it turns out that not every, even expensive, amplifier is able to cope with this task. It means that another voltage overrun can end with expensive repairs or buying new unit. But if you add to your system an inexpensive device from Spl-Lab you can forget about such problems once and for all.

Race Meter

Race Meter – A new device for measuring the performance of a car or a motorcycle. The device is an equivalent of RaceLogic though not inferior to it in accuracy and ease of operation.

Spl-Lab Software

All the Spl-Lab software combines wide functionality, comfortable settings and easy use. Even a novice will feel himself a professional.

Event Mode Module

Event mode module – everything is under control. Additional module for Measuring Center for Windows allows keeping precise timeline of all measurements taken, supports export and work with databases.

Measuring Center for Windows

Measuring Center for Windows – use all the might of your PC. Powerful tool that allows immediately receiving data: from signal shape to AFC and other characteristics. Software is supplied and updated free of charge.

Measuring Center for Android and iOS

Measuring Center for Android and iOS – go with the times. Wide functionality of the mobile device software sets smartphone or tablet PC equal to professional spectrum analyser.

Discontinued products

Smart Monitor

Main unit (digital amp meter)

Smart Monitor - there was no such thing before! Seven devices in one. No parallel in the world! It combines Voltmeter / Amperemeter / Power meter for direct and alternating current and voltage circuit that works according to the True RMS algorithm, acoustic system impedance meter, Automatic fuse (circuit breaker) and Clip detector (clipping, signal clip, full harmonic distortions) for qualitative adjustment of the sound component channels.

Wireless Bass Meter

WIRELESS BASS METER (sound level meter) designed as a monoblock

The Wireless Bass Meter is light, compact and wireless. Battery life up to 3 hours. Signal transmission distance up to 100 m. Compatible with Windows and Android. It is meant for those who prefer comfort and mobility while working.

LCD Bass Meter

LCD BASS Meter: (handheld spectrum analyzer) the main unit and remote sensor on the suckers.

The LCD Bass Meter is secure and self-sufficient. It is completely autonomous device. All data is presented at once on the bright display of the device. It can be used together with PC. It is meant for those who those who appreciate self-sufficiency and ease.

USB Bass Meter (Pro Edition)

The USB Bass Meter PRO is professional and comfortable. Dual-channel BASS Meter. Precision tool. The best choice for contest organizers and participants.